Mastering the American English Sound

Trust me – You NEED to master the American English Accent!

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Mastering the American English sound (accent) isn’t as difficult as it sounds. It’s just a matter of learning a few things, increasing awareness, improving listening acuity and strengthening the accuracy of how well you imitate what you’ve accurately heard.

American English Accent and Pronunciation Mastery
American English Accent and Pronunciation Mastery

Take some time to learn more about how AmeriSpeak Lab’s SpeakEasy course can help you. It not only saves you years of your time, but also saves you huge amounts of money. Hiring a professional accent coach is definitely not a “bad” idea, but it isn’t an inexpensive one, either. I, the author of this course, am myself a personal and corporate American English accent coach, and my students love how much and how easily I have helped them, but not everybody can afford a personal coach.

SpeakEasy American English Accent Training Course
SpeakEasy American English Accent Training Course

This is why I invented the SpeakEasy course. It includes all of the same information I teach in my personal, one-on-one coaching classes. It even has an “AI” element, providing very powerful reading and shadowing practice. that I employ in my face-to-face lessons. This feedback is a “game changer,” and will help you, very similarly to the way a live coach would.

The advantage of the SpeakEasy course is that you only pay once, and you get nearly the same type of training that I offer in my personal training. SpeakEasy and Mastering the American English Sound are my contributions to the world, and I take them very solemnly.

Give it a try. Once you’ve experienced the transformative effects of this specialized training, you’ll feel your hard earned cash was well spent!

~ David Alexander Palahnuk – American English Accent Coach