3 Video Series Videos #1

Watch this video to learn why you’ll want to learn more about “SpeakEasy” American English Accent Training

Video One:

My name is David Alexander and I’m here to help you to speak English the way Americans are speaking it! I help you by the use of my free reels on Instagram and YouTube, but especially with my SpeakEasy American English accent training Course

Why would I choose to try to help students achieve what so many students think is impossible or too difficult to accomplish? With the beliefs that it’s too hard, takes too much effort, costs too much time and money, and/or that it’s only for certain either very young or very special people, one might think I’d avoid creating my SpeakEasy course and my chosen profession as an American English Accent Coach… but, I do this BECAUSE I already KNOW that it’s none of these things.

Learning to speak like a native of American English is one of the most fun – but at the same time challenging – skills that you can ever decide to take on and to master. Why do I say this? Because I’m a daily teacher and coach of American English and have taught THOUSANDS of ESL students with absolutely stellar results since 2017! Yes – even to people with “thick” and “strong” accents, such as those from India, Russia, China, Vietnam, France, Italy and Latin American Countries.

What have I done to achieve this ability? To be honest, it’s taken a lot of blood, sweat and sometimes tears to learn to do it! Just like any skill, it takes a LOT of deliberate focus and concentration, learning and practice, absolute conviction and resolve to learn to teach as well as I have learned to teach.

The techniques I have developed can basically be split into two parts – the theoretical part, where I go over all the details of the proper pronunciation of individual sounds, such as the vowels and the consonants – in a way that can be easily understood and applied to your speech, then go on to the teaching and explanation of how Stress, Rhythm and Intonation works in American English.

Although there’s a lot of information already available, and even for free, all over the internet, it doesn’t mean that my course is not BETTER – it IS. Not only is the info in my course more complete – it’s presented in a way that’s more easy to understand and more easily integrated into your daily speaking. Not all apples are as sweet as others. Not all dishes taste as good as others. And, not all obtainable information is presented as well or as easy to comprehend as others. Speakeasy’s presentation is practical and useful and super handy, in that it’s easily understood, remembered and assimilable into your speaking.

Proper but straightforwardly presented information is crucial to understanding, so that my student’s conscious minds can be SATISFIED in the belief that they understand well enough to RELAX. Why must the student RELAX? Because, the part where all of this knowledge gets integrated is through PRACTICE and practice only works if you’re relaxed! It’s difficult to relax if you feel that you don’t understand.

Practice is the second part, and will be explained in the third video. Video #2 will go over the theoretical part – the proper learning of the vowels and consonants. You can’t skip this part, and even if you think you’ve learned it, I promise you that you’ve never felt completely clear about every single individual sound and how to utter it accurately. But you will, after you take my course and learn it from me. 

Watch Video #2 to continue learning about my SpeakEasy Course and what makes it AMAZING!