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SpeakEasy American English Accent Training Course

SpeakEasy American English Accent Training Course

Learn the Whys and the Hows of American English Speaking

Why do most people born outside of the US have trouble copying the genuine American accent they wish to adopt? There are a few reasons, yet none of these reasons can keep you from learning how to sound just like a native speaker of North American English IF you desire it strongly enough. This is simply because, as with any skill or talent, those who possess them deeply wanted to master them more than they feared they would fail. They aspire to have it more than any other ambition. They envision what it would be like to master that particular skill or talent, and make a clear mental decision to develop it. This desire drives the commitment that breeds behavioral changes which develop into the necessary disciplines (actions) that result in mastery. Anyone with a talent has it simply because they want it enough to take the necessary steps to achieve it.

How This Course Will Help You to Sound More American When you Speak

Luckily, it’s not at all difficult or overwhelming to learn what you need to learn to sound more like a native American English speaker, because this course will:

1) Reveal everything you need to be made aware of and that you need to learn. We help you by addressing the two most important areas that need to be strengthened in you:

  1. Practice everything you’ve been made aware of and have learned. In this part, through the use of specialized AI-powered reading and shadowing practice, your speaking accent will become transformed. Learning to “hear” (feel) the stress, rhythm and intonation of American English is similar to learning how to dance! You first learn to listen to the rhythm of the music, then you dance with your instructor, as he/she leads you in moving to the music, until you “get it;” until everything “gels,” and it becomes “second nature” to you – at which point you no longer need an instructor. This, of course, doesn’t mean you no longer need to practice, nor does it mean that you should get rid of your instructor… 

But, at a certain point, with the help of this course, you won’t “require” an instructor, because you will have learned how to “hear” the music with greater acuity, and be able to ascertain with greater accuracy how well you have “followed” or copied the “dance” of the song. In the case of spoken language learning, that point is once you’re skilled enough to use your listening ability and articulators (your mouth; tongue, jaw, vocal chords, etc.) to properly imitate sounds you hear when you’re listening to native American English speakers speak.

Is this course as good as hiring a world-class accent coach? The answer is that it’s a BIG money saver! How can you compare a static course with a live coach? But, I’ll tell you this – everything the live coach would teach you is included in this online course – even the practice, made possible via advanced AI technology. This technology makes it possible to learn very similarly to how you would with a live coach. But, the difference is that with this course, you pay only a one-time fixed cost and/or you can subscribe to pay in installments! You can budget out one fixed amount and get everything you would with a live coach at a FRACTION of the cost! Instead of spending up to $15,000+ for a live coach and two years of your life, you’ll only be paying $495! That’s a fantastic savings, wouldn’t you say??

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