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Your American English Accent Coach

Your American English Accent Coach should be someone who can actually instill radical change in how you sound when you’re speaking English. He or she needs to know how to help you to overcome your old speech habits to sound more like a native speaker. It’s not just about finding someone who can speak like a native, but he or she must understand the intricacies of the way the language is spoken – the science behind it – and be able to hear every little sound, every nuance, every subtlety, when you speak, and know how to correct the imperfections and demonstrate the correct way to you. Through listening and repetition, to strengthen your listening ability; to get you to hear the inaccuracies, and teach you how to change the way you’re saying it. This is not something most people know how to do.

David Alexander Palahnuk, the creator of this course, is more than qualified to be your mentor; your personal coach, your partner in breaking through barriers to achieve what many don’t – effectively having learned the new stress and unstress patterns of American English, the new rhythm and intonation patterns, etc., to sound as close to a native speaker as is possible. You may think this is impossible, but it’s not. It’s just a matter of focus, desire and commitment, like learning any skill.

David has taught thousands of students to sound like a native speaker of North American English. He can help you, too!

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